Life mix

Few sketching with water colours. Sometime I wish I could wait and let thing dry before I put the next colour… But maybe that is the fun of water colours. Hope your Christmas was good, now whats left is to close the year and celebrate the new year… Have a Happy New Year.


Nice red hair Jill is visiting us again for life session. Short poses are in green creating a dance feeling. In theĀ  slightly longer poses 5 and 10 minutes I play with few colours and as I have extra few minutes I make sure to put her sisters all in also. Even make sure she gets multi rainbow colours version, sort of family shot. On the long 45 minutes pose I made three versions two from the back mix colour and red and one of the front in yellow… I think I start enjoying painting life with water colours. I am not sure which one I like betterĀ  the once colour or the mix or even the multi colours al together… what do you think?

Jill tn

Jill 1 tn

Jill 2 tn

Jill 3 tn

Jill Dance tn

Jill sister tn

Jill Sisters tn