A friend asked me to draw his face from memory while we chat on facebook, so I sketched quickly looking at his picture and sent it to him..

Eish memodieyn

He said it looks like him… I thought it also did..

The next day, I have drawn another ‘Starer’ and although I could see some features something did not seems OK.. So it is back to practicing…


I saw this sad grey looking lady… she also stare at me, so I tried to draw her.


It is 10 past 10

It is 10 past 10 on my watch, she said. Actually it is late afternoon on New Year’s Eve, the last day of 2012. I am starting a new Blog where I am going to invite you to see my journey with portraits, Life drawings and paintings which I have decided to separate from my main Blog ‘DoronArt’. No it is not another painting journey, just the same but with another direction which I will try to share with you. This will be my first post testing that it is all working right and you are welcome along. I hope it is going to be a Happy New Year 2013 to us all. Happy Drawing and Painting!

It Is 10 past 10