Artists I enjoy following and seeing her work lately on portraits is Stephie Butler. I invited her over for a workshop to my art club some time this year. Meantime I have tried two of her images…. I think I need her workshop to improve more.. and achieve¬† her pure soft touch..

follow Stephie 1

follow Stephie

In few steps

Saw this one online the other day and decided to try the steps..¬† As usual I paint very quick and it’s shows.¬† I normally draw what I see and never transfer or copy, I am also not using a grid, just don’t believe in extra work. I can see few mistakes here but it is only a practice and I know the next one will be better. I often look at the object at the beginning when I start drawing or painting and then I use my memory with many of my subjects..¬† That is the way I work and normally in most subjects I do¬† it works.. I think I need to continue looking, otherwise I would never get the same person who stand in front of me.. I might get the liking but not sure on the exact… OK I’ll have to work on it at least with portraits.¬† Mean time I consult a cosmetic surgeon what to do with her mouth.. What did you say… her eyes too.. ha ha

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We had the first session out of two in our art club with Andy James , the subject is portrait. What a refreshing approach,¬† from a great modest and passionate painter as you can see from the link above.¬† Andy had an interesting style and like a true painter it all comes from within, great technique and amazing skill. I am some 25 years behind Andy on painting…so there is plenty work and practice for me to do… the first was a quick sketch that we all painted after Andy finished an amazing oil sketch demo of Sarah while entertaining our questions non stop. as always I changed a bit later..

SarahSarah 1

We had the second session and I have decided to use Oil water based paints on canvass paper for this second project. After watching Andy last time I felt that even I don’t have the experience in years I can still confidently paint and put strokes of paints amend and correct. So I created my final ‘Sarah’ and I hope you enjoy it. As always, I do have great time and enjoy every minute when I paint. You probably don’t recognised Sarah any more from the first painting I think she looks more real in the second Oil my last version. I think there is more feel, energy and expression in this one too. Enjoy.

Sarah in Oil

Manana’s Granddaughter

I never tried to draw a baby face so when Manana my friend put a picture of her granddaughter I could not resist trying it. It actually was not that bad.¬† Babies have a different feature face then adults so a good observation is needed. But that is like every other sketch or drawings, paintings, unless you abstract you need to look and try to draw what you are actually see. Isn’t she¬†looks cute? She is great!