Life session

Saturday gone we had another live session with ‘Clelia’.. Occasionally the sun was pippin outside as we noticed on our nice model, while we kept very warm indoors. Skin colours changed every so often with every light change. Every session before we start painting, we get some 1,2 and 5 minutes warm up poses.. It goes very quickly and before you manage to put few lines together, it is all over. I have tried a messy charcoal  for a change during those quick sessions… You would notice much tones and shades in those sketches but at least you can tell that the model was nice and in a very dancing mood.. probably, I gathered some sort of spring dancing.

2 m s 4 2 m s 3 2 m s 2 2 m s 1 2 m s 7 2 m s 6 2 m s 5

After the short sessions we take a short break and we get to paint, draw sketch our model. It take us normally around an hour maybe slightly more.. with several breaks.. and tea of-course. Lately in our short indoor sessions I have started using a water based Oils, which I find to be quite nice media to work with. You get less mess, less smell and some very good results. Even though, I still enjoy at home to paint with a proper oil paints. That is how I have turned dramatically those charcoal lines earlier into a person in colours with the help of those oils paints.


Two Ladies in a room

In our recent Oil evening class we had to paint without any brushes. I have used a palette knife which I like working with. I always enjoy the strong free marking and the ability to use thick layers of paint. (I have published it also on my other Blog doronart… thought it should fit here better

Two Ladies

It is windy

In recent weeks we have some cold weather which feels even colder with the very strong winds. They say it will turn even colder next week. It must have played on my mind when I started painting this lady and  it clearly contributed when I decided to add the water fall behind her. If it was up to me I would not stand so close to this beautiful place in such a strong wind…. you never know!

Windy Waterfalls


We had the first session out of two in our art club with Andy James , the subject is portrait. What a refreshing approach,  from a great modest and passionate painter as you can see from the link above.  Andy had an interesting style and like a true painter it all comes from within, great technique and amazing skill. I am some 25 years behind Andy on painting…so there is plenty work and practice for me to do… the first was a quick sketch that we all painted after Andy finished an amazing oil sketch demo of Sarah while entertaining our questions non stop. as always I changed a bit later..

SarahSarah 1

We had the second session and I have decided to use Oil water based paints on canvass paper for this second project. After watching Andy last time I felt that even I don’t have the experience in years I can still confidently paint and put strokes of paints amend and correct. So I created my final ‘Sarah’ and I hope you enjoy it. As always, I do have great time and enjoy every minute when I paint. You probably don’t recognised Sarah any more from the first painting I think she looks more real in the second Oil my last version. I think there is more feel, energy and expression in this one too. Enjoy.

Sarah in Oil