A visit to Dulwich picture gallery

Went to see Murillo great exhibition and was amazed to see for the first time some paintings X-ray revealing the painters changes. It will probably will be easy to X-ray mine as I never do changes… Mind you doing that will probably reveal that I used the canvass for couple of paintings before. You can’t hide a thing now a day… I saw the ‘Girl at the window’ by Rembrandt and had to sit and sketched it with some friends…

Girl in the Window By R

Girl at the Window

One thing I learnt, not to fold a drawing and keep it in your pocket after sketching it as you see the marks… OK next time meantime I’ll stretch it.


A friend asked me to draw his face from memory while we chat on facebook, so I sketched quickly looking at his picture and sent it to him..

Eish memodieyn

He said it looks like him… I thought it also did..

The next day, I have drawn another ‘Starer’ and although I could see some features something did not seems OK.. So it is back to practicing…


I saw this sad grey looking lady… she also stare at me, so I tried to draw her.