A visit to Dulwich picture gallery

Went to see Murillo great exhibition and was amazed to see for the first time some paintings X-ray revealing the painters changes. It will probably will be easy to X-ray mine as I never do changes… Mind you doing that will probably reveal that I used the canvass for couple of paintings before. You can’t hide a thing now a day… I saw the ‘Girl at the window’ by Rembrandt and had to sit and sketched it with some friends…

Girl in the Window By R

Girl at the Window

One thing I learnt, not to fold a drawing and keep it in your pocket after sketching it as you see the marks… OK next time meantime I’ll stretch it.

Life session

Saturday gone we had another live session with ‘Clelia’.. Occasionally the sun was pippin outside as we noticed on our nice model, while we kept very warm indoors. Skin colours changed every so often with every light change. Every session before we start painting, we get some 1,2 and 5 minutes warm up poses.. It goes very quickly and before you manage to put few lines together, it is all over. I have tried a messy charcoalĀ  for a change during those quick sessions… You would notice much tones and shades in those sketches but at least you can tell that the model was nice and in a very dancing mood.. probably, I gathered some sort of spring dancing.

2 m s 4 2 m s 3 2 m s 2 2 m s 1 2 m s 7 2 m s 6 2 m s 5

After the short sessions we take a short break and we get to paint, draw sketch our model. It take us normally around an hour maybe slightly more.. with several breaks.. and tea of-course. Lately in our short indoor sessions I have started using a water based Oils, which I find to be quite nice media to work with. You get less mess, less smell and some very good results. Even though, I still enjoy at home to paint with a proper oil paints. That is how I have turned dramatically those charcoal lines earlier into a person in colours with the help of those oils paints.