Painting life in recent year always inspired me to paint a portrait and often I play with water colours. I just had the opportunity to work with a great artist which I enjoy his great work Stephen Rose. We had a small group painting 3 x 3 hours in oil… the nice person sitting was Trevor. I always enjoy painting with oils and often used it in my outdoors although during life session I never thought there was enough time to paint a good painting, hope you like ‘Trevor’ as I enjoyed it very much and there might be more to come..

Trevor 1 tn


Trevor tn

I feel somehow the picture don’t do the painting justice… so pop over and see Trevor in real light..

26 thoughts on “Trevor

  1. doronart says:

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    Working along with Stephen Rose, painting Trevor

  2. Doron, this is such a beautiful portrait, my friend! Excellent work! Bravo! 🙂

  3. Cathy Baiton says:

    A really great portrait, Doron! Well done!

  4. Binky says:

    I didn’t know you had another website over here!

  5. Portrait of Trevor is really good. It’s like a masterpiece fit for a gallery! xx

  6. Meanderer says:

    That’s excellent! Well done!

  7. jennypellett says:

    I don’t know Trevor obviously, but your painting has real character. I hope Trevor was pleased with the result!

  8. Mary says:

    Fantastic portrait of Trevor – so happy to see this lovely painting Doron. I hope we see more portraits from you, as you bring life to the canvas in a beautiful way. Have a great week!

    • doronart says:

      Mary thank you very much, I must admit I feel very please with the results of Trevor and I received some good comments. I normally play with water colours and practice but it is the first proper oil portrait and I was very pleased. besdie Stephen is a great artist and I was mazed to listen to his comment but as he said I pulled it in the last session and often i find that my paintings are lost during and in the last few minutes I suddenly find a direction and it comes together which is very interesting. I used to be afraid that it might be rubbish as I paint along but now a day, I learnt that all over sudden the paintings get its identety and reach a destination. I think it is many artist feeling too. Thanks again for your kind comment my dear friend x

      • Mary says:

        So wonderful to hear from you Doron. Interesting, because many times when I paint I’m just not sure how I feel about the piece or where it’s going, then all of a sudden something happens (at the end) and it seems to all pull together. I really like your work in oil here, I’ve never painted a portrait and wouldn’t have a clue where to start. You’ve brilliantly painted this wonderful piece – it’s your free spirit, you’re not contained and it’s showing beautifully in your work.

      • doronart says:

        Mary thank you so much for your kind thoughts. I try many different thing along the route hoping to find something I would like to do more off. I think what helped here is working with someone that understand. Of-course you do it your way but often reading or having someone around to ask the critical questions can lead you to a great destination. Thanks again have a great week x

  9. camilla wells paynter says:

    Wonderful! I really like how it is not strictly representational…just enough, but not too much. A friend and I were recently discussing how truth is often conveyed obliquely, through metaphor, for example, and how art is uniquely adept at this type of communication. Not just Trevor, but something inside Trevor, something about his essential being. It’s beautiful. He looks as if he might be just about to say what he is thinking.

    • doronart says:

      Camilla thank you so much, it is always great to see you here. Trevor said plenty after and it lead us to paint outdoors in The Golding Hop and it was fantastic.

  10. Amazing portrait. Truly outstanding! You have so much talent!

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