Drawing on the right side of the brain..

Long time ago I learnt about drawing with right hand side of the brain.. I even use those pictures in my welcome page. Recently we had another session in my club.. It is all based on a theory by Betty Edwards that she wrote in her book.  I copy here below to explain an insert from Wikipedia “Edwards’s method of drawing and teaching was revolutionary when she published it in 1979. It received an immediate positive response, and is now widely accepted by artists, teachers, and others around the world. Underlying the method is the notion that the brain has two ways of perceiving and processing reality – one verbal and analytic, the other visual and perceptual. Edwards’ method advocates suppressing the former in favor of the latter. It focuses on disregarding preconceived notions of what the drawn object should look like, and on individually “seeing” edges or lines, spaces, relationships, and lights and shadows, later combining them and seeing them as a whole, or gestalt.

Edwards’s early work was based in part on her understanding of neuroscience, especially the cerebral hemisphere research which suggested that the two hemispheres of the brain have different functions. She spoke of verbal/analytic processing as taking place in the brain’s left hemisphere, and visual/perceptual processing as taking place in the right. When later research showed that the focus of these activities is much less clear-cut, she began calling the two modes “left mode” and “right mode”, respectively.

However there is no scientific support for these claims. Dietrich and Kanso did a meta-review of 72 experiments and found no conclusive support for the hemisphere laterality of creativity:

Taken together, creative thinking does not appear to critically depend on any single mental process or brain region, and it is not especially associated with right brains, defocused attention, low arousal, or alpha synchronization, as sometimes hypothesized.

Anyhow that is what we did this time… We initially tried to write our name with the left hand and compared it to writing with the right hand.. Later we tried to draw our hands with out looking it. (sorry I had to draw Carole my friend from the club while she was talking about the subject in the session)

drawing right hand side 3

Drawing right hand side 4

And then we had a picture upside down which we tried to paint.. (we had several other exercises before which I did not insert here as it was given away)

Drawing right hand side

drawing right hand side2

Drawing Right hand side 1

In conclusion if you think you can’t draw or paint think again… and if you use the right side of the brain you might even be very good at it. Many good artists using this method for their drawing and you will be surprise how good they draw.. or how good you will draw! ignore what that in the pictures just draw the lines or if it is a picture just paint the tones.. I can see many master pieces coming along.. send them over to me and I’ll add them on my Blog. I can see you rush to buy Betty Edwards books. Of-course credit are to Betty Edwards and Wikipedia




8 thoughts on “Drawing on the right side of the brain..

  1. They really are great exercises! I’ve always liked using both hands -well mainly right- [I’m probably an undercover lefty!] but drawing like that is fun!! 🙂 BTW I remember a tutor saying that if you want to check a portrait, turn it upside down and all ‘mistakes’ shall be revealed! 😉

    • doronart says:

      Marina yes you are right and they keep telling me about the mirror..which I keep looking at… do I do something wrong? Drawing looking at a picture upside down is great as it change the subject slightly and you brain just add lines together.. It does work.. At least it will save me doing Yoga if I stand on my head.. and good paintings..
      Have a great weekend ahead of you.

  2. what a fun idea! I will try it. I will draw with my right hand for one of my sketches of the day and see how that pans out ;p

    • doronart says:

      It is great I have no doubt you can even do it with close eyes.. 🙂

      • thank you for the reminder! I completely forgot. That’s my problem. I forget when I wake up!

      • doronart says:

        you forget to wake-up reading your recent posts.. you probably forget to go to sleep.. but enjoy every second.. life goes fast.. and it is great to see you living it to the full!

  3. Winter Owls says:

    It looks like you had lots of fun with this Doran, I like to do these exercises with my students. They are always surprised to see how well there upside down drawings turn out. I think they’re great confidence boosting exercises too.

    • doronart says:

      Jenni that is fun way of producing great art and what I enjoy most is that you can pick up a drawing for the first time in your life but when you complete you can think, actually I can draw and paint I am not that bad after all.. enjoy the exercise with your students and I look forward to see the results here. Have fun and great weekend xx

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