Jo in life session. some time you think it is easy to paint a person body however you will be surprise as in many positions you just wonder how to draw it specially when something facing you straight forward or up. Trust me you need to practice but it is very interesting subject. I tried lately more and more ink frame and water colours painting as I thought its look simple… not really… try it yourself Enjoy

Jo 2 min b tn

jo 2 min c tn

Jo 2 min d tn

Jo 2 min e tn

Jo 2 min f tn

Jo 2 min g tn

Jo 2 min h tn

Jo tn

2 thoughts on “Jo

  1. jeffhaynes says:

    Some of these poses definitely look challenging – both for artist and model – but I like what you did with them.

    • doronart says:

      Thank you very much but I have long route to follow here as it is an amazing subject… the human body! Thank you for the comment.

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