Barrie II

Happy New Year to you all… Hope you all had a good one and all resolutions were made. I have few sketching, paintings from last year life sessions which I’ll clear in the next few days so new work from 2014 will follow. Within a change of one day you start talking about last year new year.. Time is running.

This was the week after Barrie with new same again…

and 35 minutes with oils

Barrie tn

Barrie 1 tn

4 thoughts on “Barrie II

  1. jeffhaynes says:

    I really like the subtlety in the oil paintings.

  2. Good oils and liked the watercolour as well but the oils suit the subject well 🙂

    • doronart says:

      Thank you very much Maxine, I love working with oils but sometime find that 45 minutes is too short so I start using the water colours instead which is an interesting expeience. No doubt I’ll use oil also as I love the result.

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