In few steps

Saw this one online the other day and decided to try the steps..  As usual I paint very quick and it’s shows.  I normally draw what I see and never transfer or copy, I am also not using a grid, just don’t believe in extra work. I can see few mistakes here but it is only a practice and I know the next one will be better. I often look at the object at the beginning when I start drawing or painting and then I use my memory with many of my subjects..  That is the way I work and normally in most subjects I do  it works.. I think I need to continue looking, otherwise I would never get the same person who stand in front of me.. I might get the liking but not sure on the exact… OK I’ll have to work on it at least with portraits.  Mean time I consult a cosmetic surgeon what to do with her mouth.. What did you say… her eyes too.. ha ha

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