15 thoughts on “Are you nuts

  1. Well, I am nuts for this little guy!

  2. artscottnet says:

    This is incredibly good mate, very well done! Love that tail especially! Awesome work

  3. Winter Owls says:

    Oh he’s gorgeous! I wish we had squirrels in Australia, perhaps we don’t have enough acorns for them though 🙂

    • doronart says:

      Jennifer being slightly bigger continent you got the slight bigger version… OK those can’t jump on trees and eat nuts but it is the same concept… Mind you those little version they are active nice group and if you see the red version they even more stylish.. Make sure they don’t turn for a vacation in your roof/loft. We will have to pack few samples and send them over on exchange holiday, ho you want some acorns trees.. I’ll have to create a super size envelope now… I nearly forget to take my hat off and say thank you for your nice comment… bad manners…

      • Winter Owls says:

        An exchange holiday with squirrels sounds fun. What would you like me to send in return? Perhaps a Tasmanian Devil? Or if you’d like something cuter, maybe a Koala?

      • doronart says:

        Now you are talking Jenni, I doubt any will survive here with our super weather we got.. I love nature and can spend the rest of my life out there with all those beautiful creatures. I often get stuck to the TV watching nature programs, it is an amazing planet we are living on.

  4. Very nice Doron.

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